Yantra 3.0


YantraBrings Art, Technology and Science Together

Yantra 3.0 is organizing events to inject a new energy into the tech and art communities of Nepal

Yantra began as a venue for young robot-makers to gather, socialize and expand their skills. Since its inception the Festival has grown with each successive edition. For Yantra 3.0, RAN, Karkhana and Siddhartha Arts Foundation’s Education Initiative have collaborated to bring together the arts, technology and science.Yantra 3.0 will take place from 8th to 15th of November, 2014 with four events:


Event 1: Art + Tech Exhibit (Nov 8 – 15 @Nepal Art Council)

The festival kicks off with the Art-Tech Exhibition at the Nepal Art Council (8th November). This week-long exhibition is a collaboration between artists and technologists, designed to deepen an understanding of how each works and creates. The eight exhibits emphasize interaction between the audience and the artwork and deal with issues of identity, education, and our shared cultural heritage.


Event 2: Robotics Competition (Nov 14 @Army Physical Training and Sport Center)

The National Robotics Competition happens on the 13th and 14th of November, at the Army Center in Lagankhel. The competition has three games in which 200 participants will compete.   Yantra Akhada,

  1. Bridge to Lanka: where participants build a smart phone-controlled robot to help Lord Rama get across the ocean to Lanka.
  2. Yantra Akhada: where young engineers build intelligent automated robots and race them.
  3. Yantra Racer: where competitors try to knock out each other’s robots out of the ring, like in sumo wrestling.

Event 3: Speaker Series (Nov 12 @ IOE, Pulchowk)

In the Speaker Seriesinternational experts Masakazu Takasu (TeamLab, Japan) and Tom Igoe(Arduino/New York University, USA) and Dr. JyotiTandukar (IOE/Alternative Technologies, Nepal) will present their innovations which lie at the intersection of art and technology. Their presentation will take place on the12th of November at the Institute of Engineering, Pulchowk.

Event 4: Workshop for Children (Nov 9 – 13 @Nepal Art Council)

A workshop on the blending of Art + Technology for children between grades 6 – 8 will run for 5 days of the event.  The works produced by the students will become part of the exhibit at NAC.