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  Robotics Association of Nepal congratulates “Educational robot Karkhana Rover” for being the winner and “Controlled/automatic all-terrain video capturing robot” for being 1st runner up and “Saving lives by detecting anomalous conditions” for being 2nd...

|| Announcements ||

|| Announcements ||

Robotics Association of Nepal is very happy to inform that we have moved RAN office to FNCCI [Federation of Nepalese Chambers of Commerce & Industry], Teku. We will be exhibiting in The third edition...

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RAN Mission

Robotics Association of Nepal (RAN) is a national non-profit association of Nepal that provides a platform for students and enthusiasts to come together in an effort to promote, educate, explore, and compete in the field of robotics.. We integrate principles from all disciplines of engineering in the development of our robots, and provide valuable hands-on design and building experience to our members that cannot be learned in the classroom. The main vision of the association is to expose the everyone to the latest advancements in robotics technology by focusing knowledge sharing and hands-on experience through team spirit. It also provides a comfortable platform for entusiasts to learn more about robots’ technologies practically in order to enchant their engineering skills by engaging in annual competitions the association facilitates, working on group projects, organizing workshops, documentary, presentations. The association involves itself in a continuous process of learning and exploring the possibilities in the robotics field nationally most of which comes from the hands-on knowledge and experience in building robots. Interested in Joining? We are always looking for motivated individuals who have an interest in robotics to join hands to make a dent in the field of robotics.

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What is a Robot and Robotics?

A robot is a mechanical intelligent agent which can perform tasks on its own, or with guidance. The term robot can also apply to a virtual agent. In practice it is usually an electro-mechanical...