Welcome to Robotics Association of Nepal

logoRobotics Association of Nepal (RAN) is the only national-level non-profit association that provides an outstanding platform for students and enthusiasts all over Nepal. RAN is established to promote, educate, explore, and compete in the field of robotics.

Vision: To represent Nepal globally and act as common hub for robotics activities in Nepal.


  1. Support in forming and developing Robotics in institutional levels.
  2. Establish uniformity and standardization (certification) in robotics related activities.
  3. Organize competitions/ workshops/ seminars/ talk in the robotics related fields.
  4. Helping Nepal government in formation of plans and policies related to robotics and its associated technologies.
  5. Research and Develop in related robotics field.
  6. Scientific journal/ project archive.

Robotics Association of Nepal hasn’t only been conducting  workshops, training, seminars and competitions but is under the constant procedure of research and development which is believed to be increasing the level of association itself and giving them the fresh outputs to be spread to the fellow students. Research and development has been a keen subject for the association from the time of its origin and different subjects like surveillance systems, power management systems, automation, robotics, embedded systems etc has been the chief areas for the research.

We integrate principles from all disciplines of engineering in the development of our robots, and provide valuable hands-on design and building experience to our members that cannot be learned in the classroom. The main vision of the association is to expose everyone to the latest advancements in robotics technology by focusing knowledge sharing and hands-on experience through team spirit. It also provides a comfortable platform for enthusiasts to gain more knowledge about robots’ technology practically in order to enchant their engineering skills by engaging them in annual competitions. We facilitates working on group projects, organizing workshops, documentary, presentations and seminar.

The association involves itself in a continuous process of learning and exploring the possibilities in the robotics field nationally most of which comes from the practical knowledge and experience in building robots. We are always looking for motivated individuals who have an interest in robotics to join hands in making a dent in the field of robotics.